District Announcements
School Fax Number: (530)534-7982
School Announcements
Golden Hills Students Show Their School Spirit!
Every Friday is GH T-Shirt Day!!!  Way to go, students!

5th Grade Students at High Sierra Outdoor Science School


In the event of an EMERGENCY situation, please do not call the school office as we will need to keep our phone lines clear.  The district's EMERGENCY phone message system will be implemented.  Current information will also be provided on the district website at www.palermoschools.org

School begins at 8:35am and dismisses at 2:45pm Monday thru Thursday.
Every Friday students are dismissed at 1:45 PM.

Please note:  There is no supervision on our campus before 8:05 am daily.  Students that arrive before then will be asked to wait in a designated area, unsupervised, until 8:05.

In addition...since we have a closed campus, we ask that parents and older siblings stay in front of the school until school is dismissed. 

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday:  7:30am - 4:00pm

For the safety and security of all students at Golden Hills, the back gate by Golden Hills Road will be locked between the following times:
                                                         9:00 - 2:00 M-TH
                                                         9:00 - 1:00 Friday
                                           Daily from 3:30 pm till 7:00am

Golden Hills is a closed campus, therefore we require all visitors to sign in at the office before going on to the campus.  Visitors waiting for dismissal, must still sign in at the office before going down to the classrooms.  Thank you.
Due to Board Policy and California Ed Code:  Students are not allowed to have cell phones at Golden Hills.  If you have a compelling reason why your student needs to bring a cell phone to school, please contact the school office.
Please make sure that your student knows how they are going home each day.  It is difficult to get messages to students without interrupting the instruction of others.  Teachers and staff will expect students to go home the same way each day unless the student has a note saying otherwise.

Also...if a student is riding the bus to a friend's house, we must have a note from both homes.  We want to ensure that all parents are aware of the plans.
Golden Hills has established a Bully Hot Line for students to call and report bullying incidents here at school.  All student calls will be kept confidential and all incidents will be investigated.

We encourage students to continue reporting bullying incidents to school officials; however, if they feel more comfortable, they may call the hotline from home at 532-6000, ext. 2609.  Please remember to leave your name when calling.
Class Parties/Birthday Recognition - If you decide to bring a treat to share with the class, we prefer nutritious treats.  All treats must be store bought and will be held in the office till after lunch.

Not Allowed - We do not allow Hot Cheetos or Taki's at Golden Hills due to the color dye they use.  It is difficult to get out of the carpet when stepped on, and it gets on our computer keyboards.
We do not allow sodas or glass bottles/containers at school.

Lost and Found:  Lost and found items are located in our cafeteria.  Very small items (jewelry, glasses, etc) or money are turned into the school office.

Animals on Campus - Please do not bring animals on campus without prior approval from the school principal.  This includes after school pick up.