American Ninja Warriors
American Ninja Warriors
Kristi Robinson

The American Ninja Warriors visited Golden Hills today and did 2 assemblies! The Ninja Warriors were Maggi Thorne, Jonathan Horton, Kevin Carbone, and Daniel Gil. They spoke to our students about never giving up, trying new things, and always trying their best! The Warriors have challenged our students to improve on behavior and attendance. They will be back in 8 weeks and students who meet the challenge guidelines will be able to invited to participate in an obstacle course with the Ninjas!

The American Ninja Warriors Challenge begins tomorrow! The 8 week (Dec. 7-Feb. 15th) challenge goals are:

1. Students will attend school on time 95% of the time. 

2. Referrals will be decreased by 50% and zero suspensions. 

It takes about 7 weeks for a new habit to become routine and we know our students can reach these goals!  Let's Go Eagles!